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Early learning

High quality learning in the early years is essential to build foundations for success as children move into the more formal school environment. At The Moreton Bay Colleges' Early Learning Centre, opportunities to flourish are nurtured through carefully planned experiences where children can inquire, problem solve and experiment.

The Moreton Bay Colleges' Early Learning Centre is located at the Moreton Bay College campus and provides long-term day care for girls and boys aged from 15 months to five years. Our Centre is a safe, nurturing environment where children can grow and develop through a play-based programme that places the child at the very centre of our philosophy, of all that we do. The children are encouraged to inquire, discover, creative and explore their own thinking and theories about the world around them. 

We design and implement play-based programmes to enhance and support the developmental needs of individual learners allowing each child to learn, grow and develop in their own time and in their own way. Services are available from 6.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) for 50 weeks of the year. The purpose-built facility includes four air-conditioned rooms and caters for up to 69 Children. To ensure the individual needs of the children are met, groups consist of suitably aged children with appropriate children to adult ratios. Our rooms and age groups are as below:

  • Room 1: Toddlers (15 months - 2 year olds) 
  • Room 2: Tots (2 -3 year olds) 
  • Room 3: Pre-Kindy (3-4 year olds)
  • Room 4: Kindergarten (4 - 5 year olds)

We welcome children from our Early Learning Centre to take the next step into Prep at Moreton Bay College or Moreton Bay Boys’ College where they will enjoy an outstanding educational journey through Primary and Secondary school, culminating in their graduation in Year 12.

Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre

(Long Day Care)

The Early Years Curriculum Framework (EYLF) provides a scaffold for learning where purposeful play contributes to rich learning and development of skills and knowledge. Individual interests and natural inquiry provide a provocation to explore the natural environment and make sense of the world around them. Children develop essential communication skills to get along with others and build routines in a climate of mutual respect.

The outcomes for children involved in the EYLF framework are that they:

  • have a strong sense of identity;
  • are connected and contribute to their world;
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing;
  • are confident and involved learners;
  • are effective communicators.

Early Learning 5

The daily learning programme is spontaneous, not structured or predetermined, and our child-centred approach engages children as active participants in their own learning environment. All children have an individual learning journal that is used to record their learning, discoveries and thinking.

Our qualified and professional Early Learning staff provide a safe and caring environment where children gain confidence to explore their surroundings and the people in it.

Early Learning Centre - Kindergarten

Early Learning Centre - Kindergarten

(Long Day Care)

The Queensland Kindergarten Curriculum Guideline, based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), is the foundation of our programme and aims to enrich each child’s learning. We deliver the learning outcomes of the curriculum through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) that caters for learners from this age group. The PYP is a learning journey that is built around the curious nature of children and celebrates the inquiry-based approach to learning, challenging them to test ideas and explain their thinking in a variety of situations. In line with our College Values of Care, Character, Engagement and Teamwork, we foster the social, physical, emotional, cultural and academic development of each child. Over time, the children are encouraged to take action and responsibly contribute to the world around them.

Early Learning 3

Extensive research has informed the structure of the PYP framework and the monitoring process of the IB provides a quality assurance for parents that our Kindergarten programme seeks continuous improvement and operates at an international standard.

Learning in the early years is a collaborative process and The Kindergarten Learning Guideline acknowledges the important role that adults, other children and the physical environment play in each child’s learning. Individual learning journals capture each child’s learning and thinking, including their emerging literacy and numeracy skills. The learning journals are a collaborative effort and we encourage families to also contribute by documenting the progress they see for their children.



Our Moreton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep programme is an alternative option to Kindergarten. In Pre-Prep the children will engage in a rich inquiry-based programme focussing on essential pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. They will enjoy access to specialist teachers in Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Library and have the option to attend additional activities such as swimming and dance.

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Enrolment Information

Due to the strong demand for places at The Moreton Bay Colleges Early Learning Centre, we do experience waiting lists. Early enrolment is encouraged. Please complete an enrolment application form to register your interest. Please return this form to the Early Learning Centre:

Please note that submitting an enrolment application form does not guarantee a place. Our offers of placement are made in the following priority order:

  • Siblings of current MBC and MBBC students
  • Siblings of current Moreton Bay Colleges Early Learning Centre students
  • Date of application
Our Licensing and Management
Child Care Subsidy

Our Licensing and Management

The Moreton Bay Colleges Early Learning Centre is an approved service and complies with the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Those qualifying may claim Child Care Benefits. It is managed and operated by qualified staff who are trained to provide the best possible care for the children entrusted to them.

To arrange a personal tour of our Early Learning Centre or for further information regarding how your child may join our Early Learning Centre, please email us at: CCadmin@mbc.qld.edu.au or telephone (07) 3249 9359

Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy is how the Government assists families with their child care fees. The Child Care Subsidy that commenced on 2 July 2018:

  • Replaced the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) with a single, means tested subsidy.
  • Is generally paid directly to the child care providers to be passed on to families.
  • Is simpler than the previous multi-payment system.
  • Is better targeted and provides more assistance to low and middle income families. 

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a commonwealth Government subsidy provided to approved childcare services. It is based on the family’s taxable income and number of dependent children in childcare. Families can apply for CCS by lodging a claim with the Department of Human Services. This subsidy is then used to reduce the amount that parents are require to pay to come to the centre. For additional or up-to-date information, please contact the Department of Human Services by visiting www.humanservices.gov.au or calling 13 61 50.